Punk Voter – PunkVoter.com

Emily The Strange – If you have to ask, don't go.

Jadetree.com – A record label site that offers some really great non-mainstream music.

KPunk.com – An online underground music store and distribution site.

Epitaph.com – The site for Bad Religion, Pennywise and Joe Strummer's label, with info on new and upcoming releases, tour information, videos...

Girlpunk.net – News, articles, interviews, free stuff - need I say more?

Indie-Music.com – Where serious musicians surf.

WestWaytotheWorld.com – The best Clash site.

Users.BestWeb.net – A tribute site to the 1970's NYC punk rockers who started it all.

No Thanks: 70s Punk Rebellion – 4-disc set of various punk artists. A must-have for every punk fan.

TheWB.com/Smallville – My Wednesday night weakness.